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Updated By Jeff Allan 24th |October 2016 Glasgow Tango Studio Classes and Events. With Sari Lievonen & Jeff Allan. This is our mobile website for full site (non mobile device)  click here.

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  • Tango Connection & Technique Class

Wednesday 14th September to 26th October
Time: 6.45 – 7.75pm

Classes take place at Blackfriars 36 Bell St. Glasgow.

Visit the page for this class …


  • Beginner’s Course

Wednesday 14th September to 30th November
Time: 8.00 – 9.00pm

This course is soutable for complet beginners in Argentine Tango the teachers will be Sari Lievonen Jeff Allan
The course is organised through the Dance House National Dance Agency

Booking is open
Please contact the Dance House to enquire

Visit the Dance House website here…


Saturdays @ 1.30-2.30pm,  22 October -12 November


A 4-week course for Improver/Intermediate level 

Price: Course fee £40 including classes and practicas / £32 for the classes only

Individual classes can be taken if places available – £8/class. Class+practica £13.

During this course we will work in detail to understand what impact off-axis moves have on our posture, how to create them smoothly when ever this adjustment of postures is needed. We apply the technique learned especially for dancing volcadas and colgadas.

To book a place contact Sari…


  • The Big Glasgow Practica

The Practica this week 29th October

From: 2.30 – 5.00pm
£5.00 (free refreshments provided)

An informal and relaxed afternoon to dance & to practice your Tango.
At the Scout hall 76 Kelbourne St Glasgow.


Scotland Tango teachers Sari and Jeff in a colgada turn

Sari Lievonen & Jeff Allan Glasgow Tango Studio


Coming Up at the Glasgow Tango Studio


The Glasgow Tango Studio Practica

The Practica is on every Saturday

2.30 – 5.00pm
£5 entry includes refreshments

The Practica has been running since 2005 It’s an informal and relaxed afternoon to dance socialise & practice your Tango.

At the Scout Hall 76 Kelbourne st. Glasgow G20 8PR


  • El Abrazo Milonga

Tango Taster Class for Beginners, presentation & social dancing

Friday 4th November

Taster Class 7 – 8pm
Presentation 8 – 8.45pm
Social Dancing 8.45 – 11pm
DJ Jeff Allan

£8/ person for the Beginner’s Taster Class and Talk
£13 for couples for the Beginner’s Taster Class and Talk
£5 Milonga + Talk / Milonga only

Pre-booking your places for the Beginner session is advisable by contacting sari_lievonen@hotmail.com

Tonight the El Abrazo Milonga will host a taster class of Argentine Tango for total beginners from 7-8pm. Come and discover the simple secrets of this passionate dance. To dance socially we have to create the Tango connection. Thereafter we can communicate with our partners in this beautiful movement language. We walk in unison to interpret the music and will enjoy the first steps of our tango journey. Please wear comfy clothes and ideally leather/suede soled shoes (to allow pivoting). For followers little bit of heel is better than no heel, while for leaders ordinary low heel is fine.

The class is followed by a 45-minute long talk and presentation that reveals historical facts and cultural details explaining how this wonderful music and dance has come to be enjoyed globally in the 21st century. The presentation by Glasgow Tango Studio’s co-founders, dance professionals Sari Lievonen and Jeff Allan, is suitable for non-dancers as well as those already having begun their tango journey.

After the talk at 8.45pm, the evening will continue with over two hours of social dancing in the Milonga with music from Tango DJ Jeff Allan.

See the event on the CCA Website


Saturdays @ 1.30-2.30pm, 19 November-10 December


A 4-week course for Improver/Intermediate/Advanced level

Price: Course fee £40 including classes and practicas / £32 for the classes only

Individual classes can be taken if places available – £8/class. Class+practica £13.

This course aims to make you learn to “really dance” instead of doing some steps and recognisable tango moves. If you ever feel your tango is not progressing the way it should and you would like to, this course will certainly help you to understand why. We will comprehend various elements that are needed to create quality and skill in dancing tango, like posture sustainability, breathing and musicality. The extend of your vocabulary never guarantees enjoyment in tango. Which ever your current level of dancing is this course will open the door for you to pursue exquisiteness of tango.

Followers, please bring along also shoes with low/no heels to dance with. If you do not have such a suitable pair, socks will do as well.


Dancers at Glasgow Tango Studio's 2006 Glasgow Tango Festival

Glasgow Tango Studio Milonga

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